Optional Activities - Agincourt Reef

More Ways to Enjoy the Reef!

In addition to your cruise fare inclusions, a range of exciting optional activities at an extra cost are available for your enjoyment. We recommend optional activities are pre-booked to ensure availability and to avoid disappointment.

Guided Snorkelling Adventures

SnorkelOur marine biologists will introduce you to a new and exciting world during our guided snorkel tours. You will be part of a small group, guided by our experienced marine biologists who can reveal so much more about the magnificent marine life of this fragile eco-system.

We conduct two different snorkel tours designed to enable all groups of passengers, regardless of their snorkelling skill level, to enjoy an amazing in-water experience on the reef.

Introductory Snorkel Tour

SnorkelThis tour provides an introduction to the marine environment.
Who For? Designed for the novice or beginner snorkeller.

Duration: 30-40 minutes

Price: $62 Adult, $32 Child (equipment provided)

Advanced Snorkel Tour

This tour is more about exploring, distance travelled can be up to several hundred metres.
Who For? More adventurous - some snorkelling experience is recommended.

Duration: 45 - 60+ minutes

Price: $80 Adult, $50 Child (equipment provided)

Note: Buoyancy vests are not able to be taken on these tours. For this reason the age limit is 12 years old, and all participants must be confident swimmers.

Scuba DiveScuba Diving

Introductory Diving (No prior experience necessary)

If you’ve never dived before, and would like to experience the magic of SCUBA, Quicksilver offers introductory dives with a highly qualified dive instructor. The only requirements are you are over 12 years, pass the on-board medical questionnaire and participate in our 30 minute dive brief.

Price: $168 per diver (equipment provided)
» More Information about Diving Safety and Conditions

Certified Diving

Scuba diving right at the edge of Australia’s continental shelf is simply spectacular. At these unique ribbon reefs, visibility is excellent and the variety of marine life is exceptional. Certified divers must posses an internationally recognized SCUBA certificate card.

1 Dive - $120 per diver (equipment provided)
2 Dives - $170 per diver (equipment provided)
» More Information about Diving Safety and Conditions

Ocean Walker - Helmet Diving

Helmet DivingA unique and fun experience, see the reef up close during a helmet “dive”.

Breathing fresh air delivered from the surface into your helmet, you will walk underwater on a reef platform - you can even wear your glasses if you wish! Oceanwalker is suitable for non-swimmers and persons aged over 12 ears. After a short briefing and subject to medical conditions, you will be walking amongst the reef fish and corals.

Price: $168 per person (equipment provided)
» More Information about Diving Safety and Conditions

Scenic Helicopter Flights

Scenic Helicopter Flight - 10 minute Reef Scenic Flight

Helmet DivingFor a different andspectacular perspective of the jewel like ribbon reefs, a ten minute helicopter flight is available from platforms moored at Agincourt Reef.

Price: $179 per person

Advice for Water Activities

The minimum age for Scuba Diving and Oceanwalker is 12 years. Certain medical conditions, medications and height restrictions may preclude some people from participating in optional in-water activities. For advice, contact our office.

After a single dive a wait of 12 hours is recommended before ascending to an altitude of 300 metres or greater. An interval of 24 hours is suggested for multiple dives.