Your Low Isles Day

Wavedancer - Low IslesSet like a jewel in a Great Barrier Reef lagoon, Low Isles is an idyllic, unspoilt coral island that appeals to everyone. And why not, when this is everyone’s idea of a secluded tropical paradise!

9.30 am

Complimentary morning tea/coffee on boarding. For your safety, hot drinks are not served once the vessel is underway. Passengers are required to be onboard the vessel 15 minutes before departure.

9.45 am

An informative Marine Biologist presentation is shown in the main cabin.

10.00 am

Wavedancer departs Port Douglas Marina for Low Isles.

10.30 am

A snorkelling demonstration is conducted during the journey to Low Isles.

11.15 am

Wavedancer arrives at Low Isles and your activities commence. The coral viewer and shuttle vessels leave for the island, and continue to run throughout the day. Your snorkelling equipment is available from the storage containers on the foredeck of Wavedancer. We recommend that you conduct all snorkelling from the island. The guided snorkelling tour operates from the island. Introductory dives operate from the back of Wavedancer.

12 noon

Lunch is served aboard Wavedancer. Enjoy your tropical buffet. Bar operates throughout the day.

1.30 pm

A guided beach and heritage trail walk is conducted by a Marine Biologist. This walk departs from the shuttle boarding area on the beach.

2.45 pm

Last shuttle leaves the island to return passengers to the vessel. Afternoon tea is served.

3.10 pm

Depart Low Isles for Port Douglas. Enjoy light entertainment during the return journey.

4.30 pm

Arrival at Port Douglas Marina, Port Douglas.