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2nd of July 2018
7 ways you can help the Great Barrier Reef (and Planet Earth as a whole)

7 ways you can help the Great Barrier Reef (and Planet Earth as a whole)

Complementing the Quicksilver Group’s commitment to environmental sustainability, 2018 has seen the elimination of plastic straws and single-use plastic bags across the company's Great Barrier Reef operations.

As a foundation member of Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef, the Quicksilver Group recognises the fantastic work being done to raise awareness and the need to reduce the amount of unnecessary single-use plastics.

"The Quicksilver Group has a long-standing commitment to sustainable practices and through the Citizens Of The Great Barrier Reef’s “Plastic-Free Pledge”, we hope other businesses are encouraged to not only take the pledge but also investigate and source suitable alternatives for other single-use plastics wherever possible,“  said Tony Baker, Quicksilver Group Managing Director.   

“Environmental commitment is much more than buzz words, and in this sense, it’s about the future and preservation of one of the most remarkable natural assets on our planet.“

Quicksilver’s commitment has always been backed up by action, innovation and significant investment; from developing the precursor to GBRMPA's Eye on the Reef program in the late 1980s by the company’s Reef Biosearch team of marine biologists, to ongoing support of reef research and restoration projects, reducing carbon footprint and environmental impacts, through to employing a full time environmental compliance manager.  Recognised by GBRMPA as a high standard tourism operator, all products are accredited with Advanced Ecotourism Certification. Quicksilver was also one of the first companies to be certified by Ecotourism Australia’s Climate Action Program, over ten years ago.

As the region’s largest Great Barrier Reef operator, eliminating plastic straws and single-use plastic bags has been significant and rewarding. This undertaking encompasses a fleet of 14 touring vessels, four reef platforms and nine major brands of Quicksilver Cruises, Great Adventures Reef and Green Island Cruises, Silversonic, SIlverswift, Poseidon, Ocean Spirit Michaelmas Cay Cruises, Wavedancer Low Isles Cruises, Pro Dive Cairns and Green Island Resort.