Experience the fun of Helmet Diving

Oceanwalker or “helmet diving” is a unique and fun way to experience the underwater world of the reef up close and personal. Breathing fresh air delivered from the surface into your helmet, you will walk underwater on a reef platform – you can even wear your glasses if you wish!

Oceanwalker is suitable for non-swimmers and persons aged over 12 years. After a short briefing and subject to medical conditions, you will be walking amongst the reef fish and corals.

• Experience the feeling of diving but instead you’ll be wearing a helmet and breathing normally.
• No swimming involved – just walk down the ramp steps to the platform.
• You can wear your glasses and keep your hair dry!
• 10 minute briefing and safety talk before starting your helmet dive.
• Maximum of 6 “Oceanwalkers” at a time accompanied by 2 dive instructors.
• All equipment provided.
• Souvenir certificate on completion of your helmet dive.

Advice for water activities

The minimum age for Oceanwalker is 12 years, minimum height 135cm and subject to completion of medical questionnaire. Due to the shallow depth (a maximum of 4.5 metres), it is possible to undertake a helicopter scenic flight or a return flight to Port Douglas after a helmet dive, however, no commercial flight should be undertaken for at least 24 hours.