QS-Reef-Bio-Logo_horizontalQuicksilver’s environmental division, Reef Biosearch, was founded in 1986 with the aim of combining tourism, education and research, highlighting our passion and commitment to the future sustainability of the Great Barrier Reef.

Led by our team of university qualified marine biologists, Reef Biosearch is focused on education, research and monitoring within daily operations and the wider community. Reef Biosearch is in fact the largest team of privately employed marine biologists outside of a government agency.

Our guests benefit daily from their extensive and passionate knowledge of the reef systems we visit through interpretive presentations and videos on the ecology and biology of the reef, scuba diving tips and the guided snorkel tours they conduct. They are available to answer guest questions throughout the day.

With 70 percent of the earth being covered by water, there is a realisation that this watery realm requires our respect if we are to interact positively with this environment for years to come. As a basis for this respect, two key areas are emphasised – research and education. Research ensures that humans can evaluate their impacts on the environment. Education then disperses this research knowledge to the general public. Reef Biosearch’s team of qualified marine biologists and educators work in both these areas.

Within the team there exists a wealth of knowledge and experience in many fields of marine research and education, particularly relating to coral reefs.

Reef Biosearch’s activities include:

Significantly, Reef Biosearch has the longest logbook database of marine observations on the Great Barrier Reef, now ongoing for some 3 decades.

For more information, check out Reef Biosearch’s website at www.greatbarrierreefs.com.au