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16th of February 2018
Adam Maroske appointed Group Sales Director

Adam Maroske appointed Group Sales Director

Deloitte Access Economics suggests that The Great Barrier Reef has a $56 billion economic, social and icon asset value. This is the value of 12 Sydney Opera Houses, however the Opera House can be rebuilt, whereas the loss of The Great Barrier Reef is irreversible and therefore considered to be ‘priceless’. 

  • $6.4 billion contributed to the Australian economy annually.
  • 64,000 jobs supported.
  • 2 million + visitors per year.
  • The Reef is 340,000sq km in size, and tourism only accounts for about 3% of this area. 
  • In terms of size, the GBR would be considered the world’s 63rd largest country behind Germany.
  • Declared a marine park in 1975.
  • One of the only natural sites on the World Heritage Listing that meets all four of the natural criteria.
  • 3rd largest world heritage listed area. 
  • 85% of Great Barrier Reef visitation occurs within Cairns and the Whitsundays