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25th of October 2018
Quicksilver Dive open for business!

Quicksilver Dive open for business!

5 Ways to celebrate and get involved with AWARE week! 
14th -22nd September 2019

Aware Week encourages ocean lovers from around the world to join in the AWARE Week celebrations and do their bit to encourage change. AWARE Week activities focus on tackling ocean pollution, raising awareness of plastic pollution and empowering communities to take positive actions to help keep our oceans clean.

These are some ways that you are able to help keep our oceans beautiful!

Pick up rubbish 

Over 80% of marine pollution comes from land-based activities, such as shopping bags and pesticides. One way you can help limit the amount of rubbish ending up in our waterways is to pick up any litter you come across. Make it your goal to pick up at least 10 pieces of rubbish before leaving the beach, or to pick up any litter you come across on your evening walk. It all makes a difference.

Eat sustainable seafood.

Sustainable seafood is a way to replenish and manage our ocean resources. Sustainable seafood options include choosing fish that are able to reproduce quickly, options that curb bycatch and reduce dredging. Our choices regarding what we eat are extremely important to the ocean ecosystem. Encourage your local eateries to make sustainable choices too.

Reduce the use of single-use plastic at home.

 It’s basic maths. The less single-use plastics you use and have in your home, the less that will end up in landfill and our oceans. Single-use plastics are any plastic item that is only used one time before being thrown away; plastic bags, soft drink bottles, food packaging, straws, balloons, cotton buds and coffee cups for example. Challenge yourself to find environmentally friendly alternatives!

Promote your behaviour using your social media platforms.

Social media is the perfect way to encourage your family, friends and followers to mirror your behaviour. The more people who see your clean up efforts or your plastic-free habits, the more people who may consider adapting them to their own lives.

Get involved in the ‘Dive Against Debris’ program.

‘Dive Against Debris’ is a program that encourages divers to be proactive in removing marine debris and rubbish from the oceans. Since the launch of the program in 2011, more than 50,000 divers in 114 countries have collected over 1 million pieces of rubbish. Be part of the solution!