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21st of October 2019
2019 Great Adventures Green Island Swim

2019 Great Adventures Green Island Swim

Lucky passengers aboard Silversonic were delighted to get a rare glimpse of a Whale Shark at Agincourt 3 Reef yesterday!

The 4.5m long beauty joined the group while the vessel was moored at reef site, Coronation Corner. Quicksilver Dive Instructor Kylie McQuie who had two intro divers underwater said, “It was amazing. Not being able to talk underwater and to see this majestic animal swim past – it left everyone speechless literally. This was a huge motivator for our guests to become certified divers.”

While the Whale Shark is the biggest fish in the ocean, marine scientists have said that locating them on the Great Barrier Reef is like “finding a needle in a haystack”. It truly is a rare encounter!

📸: inDepth Photography