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12th of December 2019
16th Annual Quicksilver Group Christmas Charity Appeal

16th Annual Quicksilver Group Christmas Charity Appeal

The team at Pro Dive Cairns have quite literally been having a whale of a time, minke whale that is! Introduced this year, Pro Dive Cairns dedicated minke whale trip to the Ribbon Reefs has been full of amazing experiences and encounters for passengers, crew and researchers aboard.

This short video showcases Pro Dive Cairns 3 day/3 night minke trip liveaboard experience.

Not only was there the chance to swim with these inquisitive creatures, but some sensational diving at the Agincourt ribbon reefs, Ribbon Reef 10 and Ribbon Reef 3.

Pro Dive Cairns has one of the few permits from the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority to swim with dwarf minke whales if encountered – a truly unforgettable experience and right up there on the bucket list! 

The dwarf minke whale is the smallest baleen whale - growing up to 8 metres long with adults weighing in at 5-6 tonnes. With a code of practice in place for a safe encounter, it’s actually the naturally inquisitive minkes that decide how close they interact and swim with us. While encounters are never guaranteed, the selected reef sites provide the greatest opportunities.

Prime minke season is between June and July, and the Great Barrier Reef’s renowned Ribbon Reefs north of Cairns provide the most consistent opportunity for this remarkable experience. Be sure to get in early to book for next year’s minke whale trips.