Agincourt Reef is the true Outer Reef experience.

The Great Barrier Reef consists of a complex maze of 2,900 separate reef systems stretching over 2,300 kilometres. Departing from Port Douglas, our Quicksilver journey takes you through a series of patch reefs on your way to the southern most end of the true ribbon reefs, some 39 nautical miles (72 kilometres) out to the very outer edge of Australia’s Continental Shelf.

The Agincourt ribbon reefs are a small group of reefs running parallel to the Continental Shelf. Adjacent to the Coral Sea trench, these ribbon reefs are recognised as the most pristine eco-systems in the reef’s environment.  Just two kilometres beyond the outer edge of these reefs, the sea floor drops away to where the water is more than 500 metres deep. The clean, clear water from the deep ocean washing over these outer barriers helps promote the prolific growth of corals and supports spectacular marine life for which they are famous.

Only Quicksilver takes you to a reef activity platform where you can experience this most pristine ecosystem. As the region’s outer reef pioneer, we chose the best location available to show you nature’s finest. It still is today.

A world of discovery and pleasure awaits you at Agincourt Reef.

As an individual, you choose the way to experience this coral empire. Dive, snorkel, or just observe – it’s your personal reef discovery. Whether you choose to get wet or stay dry, you’ll have the opportunity to experience all there is to discover. Be interactive, or simply enjoy the freedom of ocean, sea and sky. From above or below the horizon, the vistas of this endless aqua-scape at the Earth’s edge are the most beautiful in the world.

An aquatic wilderness of fragile beauty and perfect harmony.

The reef vibrates with the hues, stripes, and shimmerings of a myriad of fishes. Butterfly fish, parrot fish, angel fish and elegant nudibranchs dance before your eyes and coral gardens beckon you to explore. Watch, entranced, as a clownfish snuggles into the embrace of a sea anemone.

Float through billowing clouds of neon-coloured damsel fish. Here at the very outer edge, the ocean waters surrounding these unique ribbon reefs are clear and pure. You become aware of the need to conserve this fragile beauty. To protect it for the world to cherish becomes an overwhelming desire.